The beginning

LogoGrab was founded by CEO, Luca Boschin and CTO, Alessandro Prest in late 2014. The challenge of finding a sustainable solution for logo detection has been very rewarding and LogoGrab's patented image recognition technology has now been benchmarked as having the highest hit rate, speed, and precision on the market. To find out more about image recognition and logo detection, why not check out our previous blog-post?

Before officially launching their product, the founders were part of a Google research team, where they built core image recognition technology used in video for YouTube. Moving to Ireland in late 2014, Enterprise Ireland awarded LogoGrab the high potential start-up (HPSU) funding. Quoted in the The Irish Times, Luca said that in order "for the company to really grow we needed to set up in an English-speaking country, which could also serve as a pathway to the U.S." This has allowed LogoGrab to have more of a global reach. Today, the company continues to grow internationally, and many of our current Enterprise clients are based in the U.S.

Both Luca and Alessandro continued to advance their work in order to develop the best logo recognition technology for detecting logos in large volumes of images and videos. They began to test their technology on consumer applications with brand partners, such as Heineken, and it wasn’t until March 2016 that they officially launched their now flagship product: “LogoGrab Brand Detection API”. 10 months after they launched this product, LogoGrab succeeded in generating €1 million in sales.

The products

LogoGrab provide industries such as Social Media Monitoring, Brand Compliance, Counterfeit Detection, Retail Intelligence, and Sponsorship Monitoring with the best quality image recognition technology on the market. The LogoGrab Brand Detection API can be built into any platform, providing companies with logo and SKU detection for images and video.

LogoGrab’s portfolio of products also includes:

  • LogoGrab Mobile Engagement, which provides brands with an activation technology for mobile offers, event activation, sponsorship, and brand engagement.
  • LogoGrab Brand Insights, which supplies brands and agencies with competitive tracking, sponsorship monitoring, identification of UGC (user generated content), and brand engagement.

These products allow us to test our image recognition and logo detection so that we can keep innovating and advancing our technology.

So what makes our technology stand out from the competition?
  • We have been independently tested - 10x than the closest competitor.
  • LogoGrab has the highest precision and recall on the market.
  • Our patented Adaptive Learning Engine (A.L.E.) is only available from LogoGrab.
  • Any logo can be activated and detectable anywhere within minutes.
  • Logo and product/ SKU detection that identifies individual product types.
  • Our technology is built for scale and it works across any volume of content.
  • Our API is simple and can integrate into your existing interface.
  • Our Mobile Engagement product doesn't require an app, which gives consumers an end-to-end brand experience.

The customers

We have many prestigious clients that use our products. Our partners include prominent e-commerce platforms and social networks, but we also work with brands and agencies. Our customers include the likes of Brandwatch, eBay, Crimson Hexagon, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, McDonald's, Toyota, Adidas, Dunkin' Donuts, AT&T, DDB Tribal, Geometry global, and Earshot.

Here is an overview of how one of our clients uses our Champion product: LogoGrab Brand Detection API...

Earshot- Brand Detection API

Earshot is a leader in monitoring the new age of communication and processes over 5 million images per month for clients like Anheuser-Busch and Spotify.
85% of images don't mention the brand in the accompanying text. In order for their customers to obtain complete brand insights, Earshot needed some form of logo recognition. After testing several different potential partners that supply image recognition technology, they decided to collaborate with LogoGrab.

Earshot's customers wanted to understand how consumers interact with their brands in real-time. They also wanted to identify consumers that are having an emotional experience with the brand in the moment. LogoGrab offers a reliable, effective solution with training time that is three times faster than any other provider. By integrating LogoGrab's patented Adaptive Learning Engine (A.L.E.), Earshot can instantly surface posts that contain brand logos with or without an accompanying hashtag or direct brand mention. Download the case study.

The company today

LogoGrab prides itself on its values and strong company culture, attracting highly experienced international staff. The team at LogoGrab are committed to providing excellence in every aspect of the business and this hasn’t gone unnoticed, with LogoGrab winning the prestigious ISA Emerging Company of the Year in 2016. ISA (Irish Software Association) is an association within Ibec (Irish Business Employers' Confederation) that represents Irish businesses, both internationally and domestically. Ibec contains experts across all of the major policy areas key to business, including economics and taxation, digital economy, transport innovation, and trade, to name a few. LogoGrab have also won the Star TLV-Ireland Most Innovative Startup award in 2015 .

LogoGrab is no stranger to the international press and interviews include CNBC with Pauline Chiou, Forbes magazine and Yahoo Finance. Most recently, the leading social analytics provider, Brandwatch switched to our technology, and we are delighted to be partnering with them: see Press Release. In 2016 we attended a large number of prestigious events including dmexco Cologne and CES in Las vegas, and attended more in 2017, such as the Social Media Marketing World Summit in San Diego in March and The Big Data Innovation Summit in San Francisco in April. We have also attended CES 2018!

Our company is built on five core values: Excellence, Creativity, Sincerity, Courage, and Smart. Our main focus is on providing customers with excellence at every stage of their journey. We take pride in our values, and we firmly believe in delivering the future today.