On December 1st Volvic launched their limited-edition water bottle in collaboration with Star Wars. The bottle came in five designs, including characters Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

The campaign’s aim was to encourage families to drink more water each day and was launched in the UK, France and Germany. The accompanying social media campaign encouraged people to share their images of their limited edition water bottle using the hashtag #Showyourforce and saw Danone donate one day of safe drinking water to a Cambodian child for every hashtag posted.

Using our visual-listening technology LogoGrab monitored Volvic‘s share of voice during the campaign. The results showed an astounding 68% increase of share of voice on social media within days of the launch.This figure then slowly began to decrease throughout January, falling 53% from its peak by February. Brands can clearly see the connection between the cost of collaborative marketing spend and the increase of share of voice using visual-listening technology.

Starwars brand engagement

Over a quarter of all Volvic water images that were detected contained the limited edition Star Wars packaging. The UK was the most popular geo-location on the heat map with 38% of all Star Wars images originating there. This was no surprise considering Volvic‘s limited-edition bottle was sold from Iconic life-sized Star-Wars-themed bottle stands in over 2,000 stores within the UK.

Of all the Volvic water images that were detected only 7% contained the hashtag #Volvic. Furthermore the sponsored hashtag #showyourforce did not even appear in the top-ten hashtags found. This is a big concern to brands like Danone, who simply cannot get clear data on the effects their campaign spend has on their share of voice when using only text-based analytics.

![Star Wars Volvic Social Brand Insights

LogoGrab has unique and patented technology which allows brands to monitor the heartbeat of their share of voice on social media. It gives companies the opportunity to react quickly to a peak or decline in their dashboard data and to monitor their closest competitors– all without depending on the presence of an accompanying hashtag.

Star Wars Volvic Twitter Brand Insights

When a brand is spending a large portion of their marketing budget on high level collaborations-such as Danone with Star Wars, it is important for brands to be able to see a clear picture of the effects this collaboration has on their brand, and whether it is being seen as a positive or negative one by their audiences. This can only be done using both social- and visual-analytics tools together. As Yoda said to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, *“*This is why you fail”. The same can be said when companies are reluctant to evolve and remain stuck in the past of text-based social-analytics tools.